Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2017 Summer - The Value of Experience for Management

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Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2017 Summer
August 7, 2017. at Station Conference Tokyo(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

“UX Strategy Forum” is a series of event that Sociomedia is hosting since 2014. Our theme for the 8th UXSF is “The Value of Experience for Management”. We will welcome three speakers, executives from greatest companies in Japan, plus one more UX specialist, to discover what "UX Management" is.
First, we will take a look at how corporate managers from KDDI Corporation, NEC Corporation, and Toshiba Corporation, find the value of experience and practice it. You will learn how business leaders who led core businesses and new businesses find the value of experience and how they put experiences to the core of the businesses.
Then, through the interview of specialists who keep driving make understandings about the value of experience to corporate managers and make them put experiences in the core of their businesses, we will wrap up the trend and the scheme of "The Value of Experience for Management". After that, we will invite three speakers into the interview for discussion to find deeper insights about activities in each company. Finally, under the facilitation of two specialists, we will have a time for round table with speakers and guests, to make it an opportunity to master "the value of experience" in corporate management.

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  • 12:30 PM
    Doors open
  • 1:00 - 1:15 PM
    Opening Remarks from Program Chair "About the Forum"
  • 1:15 - 1:45 PM
    The CX driving activities as a part of business management strategy - the case studies and future aspects of KDDI (au)

    From "improving dots of customer satisfaction" to "connecting the dots to improve customer experience values".
    From "the standard quality" to "the quality which impresses customers".
    The CX activities of KDDI (au) started as "au X Project", which was a cross-department project led by the management, and started in October 2014. The project was driven with cooperations of many agencies (au shops) throughout Japan.
    The project included not only the reformation of marketing processes which made "customers" to the subject, but also reforming corporate culture by enlightenment activities within the company and reviewing team management such as putting multiple specialized departments. The three themes ran at the same time to drive the reformation drastically, but there are many problems and obstacles until it succeeds. Our journey is not easy.
    In this presentation, I will introduce the circumstances of KDDI (au)'s CX activities until today and our future problems and prospects about the activities.

  • 1:50 - 2:20 PM
    The value of design in business innovation

    Recently, in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) industry, we often mention about reforming of organizations because of digital transformation, and it became a common sense that co-creation is valid as a method to seek and implement such reformation in business fields.

    In NEC, we have been implementing design from over ten years ago, because we considered capturing social problems, sharing objectives with various stakeholders and co-creating with them, and quickly creating products and services to evaluate in markets, are extremely important as the evolution of ICT would change social structure and environment.
    We have been adopted design thinking and lean startup methodologies especially in past few years and been developing new businesses. In this presentation, I will introduce the value of design with our organization design and co-creation case studies with our partners to create business innovations in NEC.

  • 2:25 - 2:55 PM
    The role of design in management in the digital age

    The recent technology improvements such as IoT, big data, AI, robotics, brought gigantic changes to industries and corporations and made them adjust to digitalization and from products to services. It also made the market more diverse and complicated.
    We need to integrate viewpoints of Business (B), Technology (T), and Customer (C) in order to create great UX and for co-creation activities. The capability of design such as visualization, facilitation, and creativity is necessary for these activities. The definition and area of design are enlarging and changing drastically. It goes further than the shape and the color of a product, or GUI, and it includes designing business models and business strategies. I am definite that design can be an important advantage to change the organization from management.
    The journey of Toshiba to approach management from design has just started, but I would like to share few parts of our latest activities in this presentation.

  • 3:05 - 4:25 PM
    Interview: The Value of Experience for Management
    Takashi Asaoka (Delight Design) × Toshikazu Shinohara (Sociomedia)
    Guests: Takashi Suga (KDDI), Osamu Fujikawa (NEC), Akira Yushima (Toshiba)

    Takashi Asaoka and Toshikazu Shinohara, who have been dedicating themselves to enlightenment activities about the value of experience to corporate management, will have a conversation to wrap up the trend and important points about "The Value of Experience for Management" recently. Then, they will invite three speakers and find deeper insights about activities in each company and things happening right now.

  • 4:25 - 5:25 PM
    Round Table and Networking

    Networking with guests and speakers, questions and answers, and exchanging business cards.

  • 5:25 - 5:30 PM
    A Brief Announcement

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  • August 7 (Mon), 2017. 1:00 - 5:30 PM
    (Doors open at 12:30 PM)


Station Conference Tokyo
(Marunouchi 1-7-12, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Target Audience

Business leaders, managers / executives of organizations dealing with products and services, and people interested in organizational implementation of UX


100 people (Registration will close when the limit is reached)


We offer privileges for people who have previously participated in our UX Strategy Forums.

Forum Ticket 20,000 yen
16,000 yen (Past Participants Discount)

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Sociomedia, Inc.

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Takashi Suga

KDDI Corporation Corporate Executive Officer
Consumer Department assistant general manager
The manager of experience value reforming project (CXO)

Suga entered IDO Corporation in January 1991. After the business integration to KDDI Corporation in October 2000, he inaugurated as the manager of Consumer Department in Hokuriku Region. After that, he was also successive in various posts such as the manager of Consumer Sales Promotion Department and the manager of consumer department in Kansai Region. He was successful in providing services from the viewpoints of customers in au's mobile phone and smartphone businesses. He inaugurated as the manager of Communication Department in 2011 and worked on TV commercial Santaro series.
He inaugurated as the Manager of Consumer Sales Promotion Department and the Manager of Marketing Department in 2016. To promote KDDI's convert to CX based business strategy to their stakeholders including customers, he inaugurated as the manager of experience value reforming project (CXO). The TV commercial "Santaro series" which started from January 2015 is the most-enjoyed series selected by TV commercial lab, for 30 months and updating.

Osamu Fujikawa

NEC Corporation, Executive Officer (In charge of Business Innovation Supervising Unit)

Fujikawa graduated Waseda University Department of Mechanical Technology in 1988. He entered to NEC Corporation in the same year.
He dedicated himself to ICT solution sales for financial institutions, system engineering, and planning of new products and services.
Fujikawa went on loan to Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., which is the supervising company of Asia & Pacific regions, from 2010. He established businesses for financial institutions in the region and returned to Japan in 2013.
He inaugurated as the manager of Innovation Strategy Department under Business Innovation Supervising Unit, which he manages now, in 2014. He did not only developed new businesses by himself, but also he put process and teams for new business development in order and drove developing corporate culture. In 2015, design department was transferred to under corporate management department of headquarters as the part of his activity. He is in his current position from April 2017.

Akira Yushima

Toshiba Corporation, Design Center Manager

Yushima began his career at Toshiba in 1982 pursuing electrical design of portable audio devices. From 1991, he joined the mobile communication business where he led technological innovations as the technical manager and subsequently business expansion as the corporate planning/new business manager. Later on, he took charge of the technology R&D for consumer products.
In 2012, he was inaugurated as the General Manager of Design Center. Drawing from his diverse experience in previous management positions, he is currently championing an approach to value-creation that holistically incorporates business, technology and customers perspectives. Strongly believing that great experience is great for business, he is driving the adoption of UXD and expanding the role of designers throughout the company.

Takashi Asaoka

President, Delight Design Inc.

Asaoka is an experience design specialized consultant. After he had experienced the manager of Consulting (brand consulting) section at Dentsu and Executive Consulting Director at Dentsu Digital, he founded his own firm Delight Design Inc., in January 2017. He is also successive in various posts such as the Marketing Master Course Meister of Japan Marketing Association (2011~) and visiting professor of Communication Universty of China (2013).
Recent publications he has written are; "Experience-Driven Marketing" (First Press Inc. 2014) and "Experience Design in the Era of IoT" (First Press Inc. 2016).

Delight Design Inc. website:

Toshikazu Shinohara

President, Sociomedia, Inc.

Toshikazu leads Sociomedia, a User Experience Design Consulting company. Toshikazu himself does UX strategy consultant work for innovating organizations, using his experience in consulting for organizations/teams, IT-startups, and his comprehensive expertise in UX, IT, and design.

He inaugurated as the technical advisor of Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in 2017 and dedicates himself to "service design thinking" enlightenment activities for the reformation of Japanese e-government.