"Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2017 Spring" Registration Form

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  • After you apply through this form, we will email you within two working days. The email includes your registration number and information about our bank account for your payment.
  • Please pay the fee by bank transfer, by April 19th (Wed.) 2017.
  • If you cannot make your transfer by April 19th due to your company circumstances or some other reasons, please email us to tell when you can make the transfer. If we cannot confirm your transfer by May 20th and we have not received any notification on your delayed transfer, we will contact you either by email or telephone. If we still cannot confirm your payment schedule then, your application might be cancelled.
  • We will not accept any refunds.
  • If you need an invoice, please write "invoice required" in the notes below. We will send it to your postal address.
  • Please allow the bank transfer statement to serve as the receipt for the payment.
  • Those of you who have previously participated in our UX Strategy Forums can purchase the Past Participants Discount Ticket.
  • The Past Participant Discount Ticket must be purchased by same name / email to the past event you participated.
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