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Globalization has lowered product prices, and the network environment has evolved considerably over the years. To keep up with these changes, business management strategies are now shifting from “Improving” products and services to “Innovating” products and services.

What is required of business managers/leaders today is the ability to capture the user-perspective and invent new types of products and services in order to create innovative additional value; we are in the age of “UX (User Experience) Strategy.”

UX Strategy is a business strategy which focuses on the proactive management of customer experience values, and the administration, operation and implementation of/in corporate structure and activities to place UX at the center of an organization’s strategy.

For exploring UX strategy, we have set four perspectives - UX Management, UX Methods, UX Metrics, and UX Leadership.

Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum offers insights from those perspectives through our events and informative contents.

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