Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2015 Fall - The Pursuit of Metrics

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Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2015 Fall
Oct 7-8, 2015. at Station Conference Manseibashi(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum 2015 Fall will be our third forum this year. The central focus of this forum is “The Pursuit of Metrics”, which means measurement and analysis of UX, and how to use those data to management. Welcoming seven domestic and foreign UX experts as guest speakers, we will take a look at UX strategy from diverse perspectives; through presentations on UX design, methods and underlying concepts, case studies, and panel discussions. Join our two-day experience for an in-depth tour of UX design and research trends, and gain insight on the future direction of UX strategy.

Event Details


  • Day 1:
    Oct 7 (Wed), 2015. 1:00 - 8:30 PM
    (Doors open at 12:30 PM, reception party from 6:30 – 8:30 PM)
  • Day 2:
    Oct 8 (Thu), 2015. 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
    (Doors open at 9:00 AM, lunch from 12:15 AM – 12:55 PM)


Station Conference Manseibashi
(JR Kanda Manseibashi building 4F. 1-25 Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan)

Target Audience

Business leaders, managers / executives of organizations dealing with products and services, and people interested in organizational implementation of UX


100 people for each day (Registration will close when the limit is reached)


If you register by Sep 25, you will get early-bird discount for each of the tickets below. We offer additional privileges for people who have previously participated in our UX Strategy Forums (you will receive an e-mail from us regarding details).

Oct 7-8 Two-day ticket (includes reception party on 7 and lunch on 8) 56,000 yen (Early Bird)
70,000 yen
Oct 7 One-day ticket (reception party included) 36,000 yen (Early Bird)
40,000 yen
Oct 7 One-day ticket (NO reception party) 27,000 yen (Early Bird)
30,000 yen
Oct 8 One-day ticket (lunch included) 27,000 yen (Early Bird)
30,000 yen

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Consecutive translation (English/Korean to Japanese only) will be provided *changed from simultaneous translation

Day 1: “Current Situation of UX Metrics” Oct 7 (Wed.)

  • 12:30 PM
    Doors open
  • 1:00 - 1:10 PM
    Opening Remarks from Program Chair
  • 1:10 - 2:10 PM Keynote
    Measuring The User Experience: Methods, ROI & NPS

    "You cannot manage things that are not measurable". No matter how important the item is, being measurable is required if you want to use that item in business. It is exactly the same in "User Experience", which attracting attention from not only product and service creation area, but also management and business strategy area.

    This presentation will be based on his experience and his own book "Quantifying the User Experience: Practical Statistics for User Research", and his newest book "Customer Analytics for Dummies", and also his collection of essays transmitted throughout the world. (*The essays are being translated to Japanese and released by Sociomedia, Inc.)
    He will introduce the theory of metrics to "Quantifying the User Experience", its methods, and viewpoints of ROI which is essential for UX in business strategy, and finally, some latest topics about "NPS (Net Promoter Score)", which integrates marketing and research area.

  • 2:20 - 3:05 PM
    Attitude Towards Customer Loyalty Quantification

    As you know, the user experience (UX), the theme of this forum contributes largely to developing customer loyalty.

    The customers with high loyalty, who repurchase, spread the brand or product by word of mouth, and bring a lot of revenue. Therefore, understanding the relationships correctly among user experience (UX), customer loyalty and business contribution is the key to business management.

    We would like to focus on quantifying customer loyalty. Customer loyalty, as a result of CX, ultimately means the emotions, 'like' or 'dislike.'
    There are 2 meanings in quantifying these elements;

    1. To prove how customer loyalty contributes to the business
    2. To manage and improve customer loyalty

    The first point is because the Managements are not interested in any activity that does not contribute to their business. Only after proving that quantified customer loyalty leads to profits, they will allocate their resources strategically and invest in UX and other activities to create customer loyalty.

    On this basis, it comes to the second point, which suggests that we should have quantified customer loyalty matrix to continue improving customer loyalty.
    At the seminar, I would like to introduce these meanings, practical methods and actual cases.

  • 3:15 - 4:00 PM
    The Last Announcement of Experience - The Measurement and Management of Experience

    In the organizations which adopt “experience” as the prior subject of business strategy, departments in charge of experience strategy are in direct control of the management, and “orchestration”, attempts to overcome the borders of organizations and layers have been started.

    Putting “customers” as a subjective and assuming the economical effects of experience, management of PDCA by revealing the customer mind and the relationship between customer satisfaction and experience, is becoming the urgent issue for those advanced organizations.

    In this presentation, I would like to delve into the idea in the background and specific frameworks for the management of experience.

  • 4:10 - 4:55 PM
    The Past, the Present, and the Future - Overview of Measuring Approach for Quality of Use in Japan

    In 1999, Urokohara,Kurosu proposed a new method about usability metrics at Human Interface Symposium'99. The title was "A usability evaluation method that compares task performance between expert and novice", and their method was called "Novice Expert ratio Method(NEM)". The method used basic usability research for making e-Government usability guideline(2009) and many usability evaluation workshops. The NEM become popular gradually in Japan.

    After 2010, new activity occurred about measuring Quality in Use. Some major company start to adopt usability metrics through Quality management process and make result for reducing user support cost. HCD-Net started Quality in Use metric SIG activity.

    This presentation introduces the overview and some cases about activities to measure Quality in Use in Japan. Also I want to make some proposal for promoting activities to measure Quality in Use.

  • 5:05 - 6:05 PM
    UX Insight by driven Global User Behavior's Observation

    Recently, there are lots of methodologies to find "UX (user experience) insight" which is one of the biggest global issues. Especially, there are some on-going projects to discover UX by using "video ethnography" method which is one of user behavior observation techniques. His lecture is about UX discovering methodologies and quantified analysis result based on two automobile projects run by "U2 system".

    1. Connectivity UX: UX discovering process and main findings about future ‘connected car’ targeting Korean, American, and French users.
    2. Regional differentiated HMI (Human-Machine Interface) UX:

    A case about drivers’ behavior model derived by applying video ethnography method targeting Korean, American, and German drivers.

  • 6:05 - 6:15 PM
    A Brief Announcement
  • 6:30 - 8:30 PM
    Reception Party(Socializing with speakers / presentation from the sponsor corporations.)

Day 2: “UX Research and Data Analysis” Oct 8 (Thu.)

  • 9:00 AM
    Doors open
  • 9:30 - 9:40 AM
    Opening Remarks from Program Chair
  • 09:40 - 10:40 AM
    From Behavior to Attitude Change: A Start Guide to Customer Analytics with "Concept Diagram"

    There are four stages in Analytics maturity model. 1) descriptive, 2)diagnostic, 3)predictive , 4) prescriptive. Modern Analytics tools have functions to support this trend, but how do we get the best out of them to understand customers and achieve business goals?

    In this presentation, I will propose a method ""Concept Diagram"" to model customer experience and define data to be tracked and analyzed. This Customer Analytics will help you understand customer's behavior and attitude changes, and make informed and data-driven decisions.

  • 10:50 - 11:35 AM
    Democracy of digital analytics change the world

    I have made the certification of Web Analysis, and the number of trainees have reached over 12,000. From this experience, I would like to share my theory about democracy of web analysis, how it have changed corporation and society, and some future possibilities.

  • 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM
    Presentation from the Sponsor Corporations Part1
  • 12:15 - 12:55 PM
    Lunch (a lunch box comes with the ticket)
  • 12:55 - 1:30 PM
    Presentation from the Sponsor Corporations Part2
  • 1:30 - 1:40 PM
    A brief information about Sociomedia UX Strategy Forum Toshikazu Shinohara (President, Sociomedia, Inc.)
  • 1:40 - 2:40 PM
    Measuring The User Experience: Methods, ROI & NPS - Benchmarking the Website User Experience

    Why is product A better than product B? How much does the new design cover users' tasks? To provide rational explanation to these questions is becoming important matters for business strategy. "Quantifying the User Experience" is an activity to pursue better decisions, by giving data evidences for rules of good design from UX research.

    In this presentation, he will introduce quantifying methods and theories that are necessary for practicing "Quantifying the User Experience", based on the presentation from Day 1 "Measuring The User Experience: Methods, ROI & NPS".

  • 3:00 - 4:30 PM
    Panel Discussion
    “The Pursuit of Metrics: The Crosspoint of Experience Measurement Methods and Data Analysis"
    Panelists: Jeff Sauro, Jae-hyun Choi, Takashi Asaoka, Jun Ito, Toshiaki Ejiri, Naoki Endo, Makoto Shimizu
    Moderator: Toshikazu Shinohara

    In this panel discussion, we will discuss deeper on our main focus of UX Strategy Forum 2015 Fall, “The Pursuit of Metrics” with guest speakers.

    In the beginning, the topic will be about the current situations of methods to measure experience and datas that are useful to business matters. Then, we will discuss deeper about how to integrate the activities and data in "data analysis" domains and data in “experience” domains, with introducing some hottest topics.


Jeff Sauro

Jeff Sauro is a Six-Sigma trained statistical analyst and pioneer in quantifying the user experience. He specializes in making statistical concepts understandable and actionable. He is the founding principal of MeasuringU ( ) a UX research firm in Denver, CO USA. Prior to MeasuringU Jeff worked for Oracle, PeopleSoft, Intuit and General Electric.

Jeff has published over twenty peer-reviewed research articles and five books on statistics and the user experience. Jeff received his Masters in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford University. He is completing his PhD in Research Methods & Statistics from the University of Denver.

His books:

Naoki Endo

President & CEO of beBit, Inc

Yokohama National University, School of Management B.A. Naoki Endo studied abroad in Colorado as an undergraduate student, where he exposed himself to the emergence of the digital world in the US, which let him to pursue a career in the IT industry.
He spent one and a half years as a software engineer and moved to Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). There, he was engaged in various consulting projects such as formulating internet strategies for a telecom.

In March 2000, he founded beBit with his former colleagues. He has been President & CEO ever since. beBit differentiates itself in its focus on user experience and user centricity in the detail field and provides consulting services to hundreds of corporations in various industries of the Asian Pacific region. Now beBit is expanding its expertise from the digital to the customer experience field (CX). He strongly believes that long-term sustainability is only possible for corporations with customers’ eyes and customer centricity in this competitive, matured economy.

Takashi Asaoka

Executive Consulting Director, Dentsu

Asaoka works with top managers of client companies providing solution services such as business and brand consulting by equipping clients with the design experience perspective and presenting breakthrough ideas.

Since 2011, Asaoka has served as Marketing Master Course Meister for Japan Marketing Association. His most recent book is Experience Driven Marketing—From Brand Experience Value to Service Design (Firstbreath publishing, May 2014).

Jun Ito

HCD-Net Deputy Chief Directors
Certified HCD Professional

#Main Activity
1984 Enter Sony co.
In 1990, I changed my job internally from engineer to usability. My new focus was to evaluate products from users’ point of view and make feedbacks to the engineer section. My objective is delivering easy to use and attractive products for customer continuously.
I have contributed many projects but I continuously changed my role not only evaluation, design UI specification, planning and R&D etc.
In 2010, I started to develop approaches to measure usability and then to introduce Quality management system including usability. After that, finally I could introduce that for all business units.
My professional contributions were approved, 1998 chief examiner and 2009 Distinguished Engineer.
2014 early retirement.
2015 Start "measuring-UX lab.

#Outside company activity
When I started usability job at first, no knowledge existed internally. I entered Human Interface Society for attaining practical knowledge from experts outside company. I gave presentations actively about my own ingenuity I tried. I contributed to the growth of academy and organizing community among many practitioners who were also interested in usability.
2002 board member of Human interface society, gave lecture for many university.
2010 part‐time instructor of SOPHIA University.

2004 We established a non profit organization called “HCD-Net” for promoting HCD method, and I am one of the director members.
2010 We established Quality in Use metrics SIG. I am one of the board member, my responsibility is service Quality.

2015 I won “HCD Best Practice Award 2014 Excellence Prize” for my usability Quality management effort in Sony.

Jae-hyun Choi

Jae-hyun Choi ( is a pioneer in the field of UI/UX/Usability.
He was UI team leader in "Samsung Electronics design center", and the first president of ‘UXPA Korea’. Now, he is the CEO of ‘U2 system’, and an advisor for ‘SW+ Humanities Integrated’ in ‘National IT Industry Promotion Agency’ as an ergonomics engineer.

His major interests are HCD(Human-Centered Design), Usability, Universal Design, User Experience, and he has been studying various IT items, and service system which consider users.

Makoto Shimizu

Makoto Shimizu is a Chief Analytics Officer at Dentsu-Razorfish, and carries over 20 years of user experience and digital marketing. He provides strategic digital marketing expertise, guidance, and recommendations to his team and his clients.

Previously at Adobe in Utah, he contributed to product management and evangelism of Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst). Prior to that, at Rakuten, he had built up an analytics team to inform and advise internal 3,000+ marketers with data to help achieve their business goals.

He holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Educational Technology from International Christian University.

Toshiaki Ejiri

- History

  • Born in Iwaki, Fukushima JAPAN
  • Kan Corporation in 2000
  • Web Analytics Consultants Association 2012
  • Bought out Kan Corporation to Softbank Technology
- Books
  • “Rich Web Poor Web”
  • “Introducation to Web Analytics- Secrets of successful Web
  • ”Tokyo 'Lamb' Story"

Toshikazu Shinohara

President, Sociomedia, Inc.

Shinohara leads Sociomedia, the User Experience Design Consulting company. Shinohara himself is focusing on UX strategy consulting for innovation in organizations, using his experience in consulting for organizations/teams, IT-startup, and his specialties’ in UX, IT, and design.

Organizing "DESIGN IT! Conference / Forum / magazine" which inquires design and IT from 2005, and "UX Strategy Forum" which tries to find ways to put UX in the center of the organization strategy from 2014. He is trying to make Japanese UX market larger, by introducing newest ways and researches in the Western countries.

He is also a trustee of NPO "Human Centered Design Organization", president of UXPA Japan. His newest translation work is "Measuring the User Experience -Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting Usability Metrics" (2014).

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